January 10, 2010

My own home

It has been a while since I have written, but now that I don't have cable sucking time away from me I have more time to write :-)
God has given me a new adventure, He is no longer calling me to be content not living on my own but He is now calling me to be even more responsible for the gifts He has given to me and to rely on Him for provision. He has given me the opportunity to move out on my own, not too far from Mom and Dad but a lot closer to work. I moved about a week ago and am just now starting to feel a bit more settled into this new place.
Now that I have this opportunity to start fresh I am trying to start some good habits, like being more intentional in the food I buy and eat by creating weekly menus and shopping for more organic and/or local items, saying no to cable television (although I do have an antena TV and a blu-ray player), and spending more time each more in God's word. Right now I am doing My Utmost for His Highest as a devotional and reading through the Gospels. The beginning of My Utmost focuses a lot on knowing Christ truly and not just superficially so I decided to read through the gospels and to pray that God would use this time to open my eyes to who He truly is and that that personal knowledge of Him and His holiness and power would effect how I live my life day in a day out. I know that without the work of the Holy Spirit this will not work at all, I have no ability or even desire to see this through on my own.

In other news I am readying Plenty, the books written by the people who started the 100 mile diet. I was surprised to find out that they are from Vancouver! I was definitely expecting them to be somewhere with a longer growing season. So far it is pretty good. I recently finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver which is also about eating locally. It was a very enoyable book to read and made me want to at least make an atempt at eating more locally. Although her viewpoint is very pro-evolution it is easy to insert God's will and promises into her writing as she does recognize the divine at work in how human's are provided for. She simply focuses on the created instead of the Creator.

I have been thinking a lot about hospitality lately and I am beginning to think that it is not so much a gift or an action as it is a lifestyle. I think that at its essence, being hospitable is just loving others and seeing their needs as a higher priortity than your own comfort or preferences. That idea of sacrificial love was the topic of today's sermon at church. To think, just showing people grace while dealing with a frustrating problem, holding a door for someone coming in behind you, bringing in sweets to share at work, all ways to show hospitality without ever inviting someone into your home!

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