February 7, 2010

poor internet service leads to random thoughts

I was without internet at my new apartment for a while and during that time had lots of thoughts pop into my head begging to be blogged, i think its related to the murphy's law that makes your nose itch when you're working cookie dough. Anyways, i will attempt to record those thoughts which i can remember.
First...I have beaten Martha Stewart at her own game!!! one of the good things in the February edition of Martha Stewart Living is the suggestion to drink Woodford Reserve bourbon as a birthday drink. I gave Kevin Woodford Reserve as "birthday bourbon" last march!! I even named it my official "birthday bourbon" of choice! Hahahaha, it is a good feeling to know that I am ahead of the game in the birthday celebrating arena :-)
Second...I was looking at a catalog of hippie t-shirts, bumper stickers, and other related paraphernalia that one of my co-workers brought it. While some of the things were entertaining and thought provoking, some of them are just plain wrong about Christianity. Why do pagans or atheists have the corner on the "green" market? Shouldn't we as Christians be more active in being good stewards both of our world and our bodies? Just because this world is not our ultimate home does not mean that we should use up all the earth's resources with reckless abandon and disregard for others around us or those who will come after us. We should care more for the earth and our fellow man because we have been mandated to do so by God! Anyways, one of the bumper stickers while i'm sure it was meant to mock evangelical Christianity made me think. It said "God wants spiritual fruits, not religious nuts." I'm thinking that there's probably a lot of truth to that. God calls us to a faith shown in works: supporting the poor, defending the weak, seeking justice, forgiving unconditionally....loving sacrificially! Like Paul says, "if i speak with the tonuges of angles but have not love i am a clanging gong." Just something to think about.
Third, I finished Plenty, the book about the couple who started the 100 mile diet in Vancouver, pretty good book, lots of good thoughts about trusting that your region ahs a lot more to offer than you probably think. One good quote I found in that book was that our inability to feed the world is not a supply problem, its a creativity and kindness problem. I'm starting to think more about loving not just within my financial means but also my regional means.
That's what's been on my mind :-)