July 12, 2010

Thankful for so many things!

This weekend brought the end of an era and the beginning of a new adventure, all with lots of joy, tears, and feather boas mixed in.  My lovely little sister got married this weekend to a wonderful man.  While I could not be happier for them and more thankful for the man God has chosen for my sister; this event was bittersweet.  Gone are the days of slumber parties and all night movie sessions and talking long after the light's been turned off.  On the upside I have gained a brother, made some new friends, and most important....a long held desire of my sister's heart has been met.  For those things I am incredibly grateful!
I'm also thankful for amazing friends who support me and for Titus 2 Women who continue to teach me about living as a woman of God. (I'm especially thankful that living as a woman of God sometimes includes feather boas and dancing with joy).

I'm thankful for rain that stays away and boots that make mud puddles fun.
...and for photographers that rock my socks ;-)

Mostly I'm thankful that God's grace is sufficient for me in all circumstances.   Thank you Jesus for giving me the strength to say goodbye with joy instead of fear.

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