July 8, 2010


Mmmmm, is there anything better than sleeping in the sun breathing in lungfuls of salt air?  This week I am off from work and loving it.  I love my job, but it's nice to sleep in, wear skirts, and be able to ramble a bit.  Last weekend we spent soaking in the sun and hanging as a family in Westbrook.  Thank God for family and the opportunity to hang out with 3 generations!
We even got to see an amazing fireworks show!
While there, I realized that salt air may be necessary for my mental well-being.  There is something about the sea's sheer vastness contrasted with the detail of seashells smaller than my fingernails that puts me in my place.  That realization of my own smallness combined with the sun and sand and salt air combine to put me at peace, even with this week of wedding craziness ahead.
Coming back home meant a pretty quick shift in gears....now its wedding wedding wedding all them time! :-)
I am incredibly grateful for this week off, however, part of me can't help but wonder if I will be wanting a vacation from my vacation come next Monday morning.

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  1. Yes. Salt air is necessary for mental well-being!