August 18, 2010

Free to Love

"in God I trust; I shall not be afraid.What can man do to me?"  As I read this verse this morning and then throughout my day God has been showing me that with Him as my first love I have nothing to fear.
Not only has Christ conquered sin, sickness, sorrow, and death so that I may no longer fear them; but He has also loved me so completely that I truly have nothing to fear from loving others.  True people may disappoint, leave, or even betray but if my hope and trust is in Christ alone none of these events should throw me.  What a freeing thought!  I can love others without fear of rejection because that is how Christ has loved me......hallelujah, what a Savior!  Through His unconditional love of me I may love others truly unconditionally. 
As I'm writing I'm just now beginning to see how this opens up the possibility of loving one's enemies, this is only possible when He alone is my source of satisfaction.  Christ can never disappoint and He has promised never to betray.   Hurt and disappointment should never color my relationships, they should only serve to increase my longing for heaven when all things will be made new!  When I feel abandoned or neglected, discontent or disappointed a change of perspective (a return to my First Love) is what is needed not a change in circumstances.
If only this were a once in a lifetime lesson instead of one that must be re-learned with every step through life.  Praise the Creator for His unfailing love and enduring patience in teaching my wandering heart!
As I am humbled by God's great infinite mysteries and my finite and inadequate vocabulary I connect with Emily forImperfect Prose


  1. This is good what you wrote-- the possibility of loving one's enemies. Someone told me once, "Pray for your enemies, 'cause after a while you cannot dislike someone you pray for."

  2. the freedom to love others...i have never thought of his love for me as freedom in that way...i'm thinking about someone close to me that is hard to love...what do i have to fear? THANK YOU!

  3. so many of the lessons we have to relearn over time...loving ones enemies is one of the hardest...i really like your thoughts on the power of his love...

    my imperfect prose

  4. this is truly profound. if only it were a once in a lifetime lesson indeed, but we learn, relearn, remind, how to love, and allow others the grace to learn, relearn and be reminded. as we journey together, if we could get this grace thing right, if we could get this humility thing right, there would be no fear of loving fully, selflessly, because it is always our choice to give ourselves away in love. thank you for sharing these thoughts. love them.

  5. Amen to what Jodi said! Love this picture, too. Love the reminder of what God did in and through you in Kenya. Love you!

  6. i love and need this... it's something i've been dwelling on, this paradox of loving the God in people, but not trusting in them--trusting only in God for he alone is good... love to you, sweet sister. thank you for linking. xo

  7. wise words...
    Glad to read you.