March 2, 2011

purely barefoot

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure,

Purity is a lost art.  Not that any  person or time or place could claim true purity, but it seems that at some point the pursuit of purity used to be something worth doing.   
Yes, there are still individuals who pursue purity or maybe even a few groups, but as a culture nothing could be more foreign. 
The loss of absolute truth may have something to do with definition purity has no room for gray areas or exceptions or excuses.  It demands perfection...pure love, pure joy, pure peace, pure faith... all without a shadow of doubt. Part of me longs for those things, and yet when I look at my life through this filter of purity all I can see are smudges and taints, shadows and holes; and I wonder, so far gone, is it worth it to try anymore for purity?

I know that Jesus' pure love, pure, obedience, pure sacrifice is the only hope for my soul.  It is only in Him that I may be made pure.  Washed clean not by my pursuit and striving but by His blood. 
The pursuit of purity is only effective when it is the fruit of being forgiven
And yet, this pursuit is even more counter-cultural than the pursuit of purity for purity's sake. 

I'm wrestling with this and joining my voice to the community at Imperfect Prose


  1. the pursuit of purity is only effective when it is the fruit of being forgiven...

    i love this lauri. keep pursuing. you're challenging us all and we need it.

  2. Interesting tension, purity is to be pursued and received, the clean white robe only He can clothe me in and yet I choose the heart and attitude with which I wear it. Incomplete thoughts but you have me pondering. Thank you. I like coming here and thinking with you.

  3. And the forgiveness is what gives birth in us the longing for purity, isn't it? Even beginning to see the smudges and the shadows and becoming discontented with them--this too is the work of the Spirit in our lives.

  4. i long for this purity, to be holy and yet this goal is impossible to achieve without the cleansing blood and indwelling of the Spirit. And then there are days when I really don't care and need that same cleansing and indwelling to awaken a desire for holiness.

  5. The pursuit of purity is only effective when it is the fruit of being forgiven

    good stuff.

    and just as you my imperfect prose friend - when my eyes are on Him alone the response is pure :)