March 30, 2011


This week I want to re-visit something I wrote on my other blog 2 summers ago when I was in Kenya....

I've been thinking about scars lately, how they don't hurt but can tell a story and can bring back memories of pain or growth. 
Maybe that's one of the reasons I am here, God wanted to give my heart a scar of poverty...that the pain I have seen and felt this summer and the growth in understanding and love from it might eventually not always hurt or invade every waking thought as they do now but will leave a mark that others will see and will give me a better ability to share my story and how God has worked in my life. 

Looking in the mirror now, I can still see the scar.  Like any physical scar, sometimes its hard to see and sometimes it stands out vividly, and sometimes i can still feel the sting.  In a way I wish those times that I feel the sting would happen more frequently.  Looking back now I am saddened at how easily it seemed to scab and heal over, how easily I forget that it's there.  But God is gracious and holds a mirror to it every once in a while and reminds me that it's still there.

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  1. God is gracious indeed, to remind you and, through you, to remind us of those scarred places.

  2. smiles. i have a few scars myself...and those reminders are always humbling...

  3. It's something I often say to my sponsees, "I have scars, they will always be there and sometimes they give me a twinge, but look I have scars where for a long time I only had wounds." And this scar, Lauri, it seems that this one was lovingly given to shape you, transform you. Our scars can be glorious.

  4. oh i love what joybird wrote... i'm not sure i can say it any better. if you're finding your way thru the links at emily's you may want to click on elora nicole's site. her link this week isn't about her scars, but she has africa scars as well and writes w/ such passion. you may find a connection there?

  5. lauri... this scar of poverty... you have no idea what this means to me, right now... and that God might use it to be a story for others... love this.

  6. This reminded me of the passage in the Horse and His Boy where Aslan is telling the princess her story, explaining why He scratched her back. He gave her wounds, but He also gave her a story. Your story is precious and God has given it to you with scars of grace, love and sometimes discipline. I am so proud of you my sister for using your unique God given story the way that you have.