April 20, 2011

plumb tuckered out

 I'm tired
I'm not sure why but it's making these past few gray days even drearier
It's been an eeyore kind of a week
even with the daffodils blooming and trees beginning to bud - the promise of spring has seemed awfully far off
Between hard things going on, gray cold mornings, rainy afternoons and chilly damp nights
the dark feels like it's closing in and it is just plumb tuckering me out trying to fight it
...but i keep telling myself that Sunday is coming
I love Easter!  
Easter morning reminds me that though Thursday and Friday loom heavy with
  somber words and desperate prayers
  betrayals sealed with a kiss
  ransom bought with blood not my own,
the story doesn't end on friday night
Sunday is coming with
  death conquered
  love victorious
  promises kept
the black rain clouds in my soul will only last so long,
soon light will break through and scatter darkness...
not because of anything I can do but because Jesus says so

Thank God that He knows my frail heart well enough to know that I need reminders
I long for the day when I won't need reminders of the resurrection anymore because I will see the Risen One face-to-face

linking up with Emily tonight at Imperfect Prose


  1. may the light pierce through soon...eeyore gave me a smile...

  2. I need reminders, too. Especially when it's grey and cold and there are no good thistles and I have again lost my tail.

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  4. coming in from Imperfect Prose...this was perfect prose! I could FEEL the somber mood, but with the light breaking through the darkness - on the horizon - helping get through to this:
    death conquered
    love victorious
    promises kept

  5. On a physical note...I take liquid vitamins and minerals when I feel fatigued and it really helps. On a spiritual note.... May the light of Christ shine on you this Easter week.

  6. dear sister, i know, so well, these eeyore weeks... your perspective is so encouraging, this that makes easter-hope shine... your heart is ever seeking him. it is beautiful.