May 18, 2011


yellowing leaves...starting from the inside
stunted growth
fewer flowers
symptoms looking like too dry or too wet but not quite
roots once safe and warm suddenly bumping into walls, twisting in on themselves, getting tangled and outgrowing home
restlessness settles in slow and steady in both my plants and my soul
if only re-potting was as easy for my soul as it is for my norfolk island pine
last time I felt like this I up and went to Kenya
but now with deeper roots and more responsibilities then I had two years ago
I'm praying for adventures closer to home
just as my pine had to wait patiently for me to re-pot it into roomier home
I'm waiting on God to give my roots some breathing room in some new adventures
because He loves me and knows my heart even better than I do

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  1. smiles. i pray you find that adventure, close to home...and i imagine you will find it, or it will be found for you...

  2. What Brian said--it will be found for you. Love you, restless girl.

  3. He is the creator of all things and His Gifts are so many...adventures - He has them for you, just around the corner :)

    Mrs. M.

  4. I'm waiting on God to give my roots some breathing room in some new adventures.

    lauri, this is one of my favorites of yours, yet. i'm an adventure-seeker too. and he made us this way, and will provide the outlets. bless you sister.

  5. Roots, breathing room and adventure are good things and because God does love you and knows you better than yourself you can trust in Him :-)