June 15, 2011

Gilbert Blythe, Sky Masterson, Adam Pontipee, and Boaz

Facebook statuses have a funny way of latching on to my mind.  This is one I saw today, "Repost for the LADIES: While wating on ur BOAZ, don't settle for any of his relatives...Brokeaz, Poaz, Lyingaz, Cheatingaz, Dumbaz, Fakeaz, Cryingaz, Lockedupaz, Goodfornuthingaz, Lazyaz, Ignantaz, and especially Beatyoaz....wait for BOAZ!!! If u don't know who Boaz is, read ya Bible or Google it! Lol :-)"
Aside from making me laugh out loud, it got me to thinking...what am I looking for in a "Boaz"?  
Those who know me or have followed me for a bit know that I tend to think in movie quotes and song lyrics...this has translated to my romantic ideals.
Gilbert Blythe, Sky Masterson, Adam Pontipee, Luke Danes, that scottish doctor from Christy...the list goes on a bit but you get the general idea.  Some girls are looking for Prince Charming to sweep them off of their feet like Philip does to Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, but my middle school heroes were decidedly less disney.  Sometimes I joke that these men are the reason I haven't settled down, how can I ever find a man that lives up to such an eclectic group of standards?  I don't even know what they have in common other than the fact that I mooned over them as a seventh grade girl trying to figure out what love looks like.  
Pondering the list, it looks like strength is a common denominator (as is stubbornness to a fault).  As I have grown I have added a few things to the list...does he love Jesus?  Does he like pie? (that's a story for another blog) Is he intimidated by the fact that I run into burning buildings?  Is he aware that I come as a package deal with all of my friends and nephews and family? 
The longer the list the more impossible the task seems to be.
Thank God He knows my heart better than I do and that "with God all things are possible."  
I know that my list needs have some wiggle room, and I know that marriage is not an answer to a problem or a guarantee for happiness.  I know that marriage is the union of two sinners, who have the privilege of becoming intimately acquainted with each other's foibles and flaws.  
But as my sister once said, "it would be nice to have someone legally and spiritually bound to deal with my garbage."  or to quote Lorelai Gilmore, "You know there are very few times in my life when I find my self sitting around, thinking I wish I was married, but today... I... I'm happy, you know? I like my life, I like my friends, I like my... stuff. My time, my space, my TV. But every now and then, just for a moment I wish I had a partner, someone to pick up the slack, someone to wait for the cable guy, make ME coffee in the morning. Meet the stupid sink before it gets shipped back to Canada"
I don't know when God will bring me my Gilbert-Sky-Adam-Boaz, or even if he will, but I do know that until I know that it's from God, I'm not going to settle for any of Boaz's relatives.

If your still reading this rambling mess, thanks for listening...sometimes typing makes it all make a little bit more sense.


  1. I was just about to go to bed--thank heavens I didn't! A quote from Lorelie Gilmore! Eeegads, girl! That's something worth staying up for.

    Oh yeah, and I am so part of the package deal.

  2. I agree, don't settle, but be open. As I've told my girls, "princes are made, not born." When my husband and I married, neither of us was perfect, far from it. But we grew into what each other needed and hoped for; the most important thing is Christ as the foundation. But I think you know that already. :)

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