June 29, 2011

glitter glue and world peace

Sometimes spilling glitter and squishing paint between my fingers is necessary for my emotional and mental well-being and stability.
My thoughts shout and pull in so many directions that I feel like I just need to DO SOMETHING
Messy creativity somehow helps me get my thoughts back to running smoothly and not sabotaging my peace and joy.
Finger paints, glitter, mod podge, scraps of paper, photographs, pieces of clothe...these are my reset button when my mind needs to re-boot.
If I don't create when I get the itch, I tend to get a bit touchy and cranky and not fun to live with
I wonder if people were allowed to take mental health days in order to create something (anything-even if its just a mess) if a lot drama and conflict could be avoided.
I know if listened to the urge to create a little sooner I would be able to avoid my inappropriate responses to minor inconveniences
I not saying that glitter glue will bring world peace, only Jesus' return will bring that, but I am thinking that listening to our hearts' cry to create might make us as individuals easier to live with

Joining up with others who create and express to communicate at Emily's for Imperfect Prose


  1. i hear you...i have the craving of the creator as well...mine tend to be words but i so understand this...very nice...

  2. I can identify with you. Although I don't feel like a very creative person at times, I have a desire to create and try new things. I think it is very good for our mental and emotional well-being, and everyone should find some area in which to create. Very cathartic.

  3. I get this completely. I tried to stifle it when we went on vacation but realized it was a mistake afterwards. Writing makes me feel sane again :)

  4. I'll go look for that stockpile of fingerpaints for you!

  5. This idea of needing to play, to create, seems to be popping up a lot lately, in many areas of my life. I'm wondering if there is a shift in the culture or if its just the circle I find myself in right now. Either way, I think I better listen to the Holy Spirit and go play with joyful curiosity and see what will be revealed... come home and join me(mom)

  6. Glitter glue won't bring world peace? Wait. What?!


  7. lol i love sarah's comment above... i totally agree with you, and i think it does bring peace in a sparkly kind of way, in a holy kind of way...