June 22, 2011

"i didn't recognize you without the handcuffs"...RENT, Phish food, and other guilty pleasures

As a first-born, type A, over achiever, I feel like I was designed to go go go
Most days I try to stay on top of things,
deadlines, meetings, homework, expectations, projects, travels, friendships
all good things, all worthy of my undivided attention
but sometimes all of that undivided attention leaves me feeling
thin...sort of stretched, like...butter scraped over too much bread. (thank you Bilbo Baggins)
that's when I realize that my brain needs a holiday
It doesn't take much
  • an ice cream cone on my lunch break,
  • a night in front of one of my old familiar movie friends like RENT, Sabrina, Harry Potter or Sweet Home Alabama
  • a new nail polish color, hair color, or shower gel to try
  • Ben and Jerry's straight out of the tub while thumbing through a mindless magazine
  • a coloring book and crayons
...something that requires enough attention to silence the racing thoughts, but not so much attention that I really have to think.  Just enough to escape reality, until I feel like I can rejoin the world.

Tonight is a guilty pleasure night....watching RENT, singing along to every song, eating ice cream and making a up of chamomile tea
Life has been kicking my butt a little lately but I know that's only a matter of time before this too shall pass.

I know that there are probably healthier ways to regain my sanity, but for now this works for me
how bout you? how do you unwind?

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  1. I can relate to your therapy sessions :) Phish Food is my drug of choice, and my go-to movie is "When Harry Met Sally" though I have a long list of others that will also do just fine (Sabrina is one of them). And, that Bilbo Baggins quote is the best, isnt' it?

  2. oh friend. i need one of those nights. LOVED this.

  3. You KNOW how I unwind. And it usually involves your fabulous mother. BTW--I'm more partial to Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby, myself.

  4. i sew when my brain needs a break :)

  5. Very cool! Here's mien www.normsfallen.blogspot.com