June 1, 2011

new soil

I must begin by saying that God is faithful!
He answers the cries of my heart even when I cannot find the words to shape them
Prayers humbly typed in "blogosphere" somehow reached the ears of God and He came through for me
not in the way I thought I wanted
but in a way all His own
rootbound and melancholy He plucked me out of my comfort zone
not in one fell swoop this time
but in countless little ways these past two weeks
some pruning here
a little trimming there
each new project a bigger bowl to stretch my roots out into
kindred spirits popping up in the most unexpected places
bringing joy and casting out doubt
like lady bugs descending to eat away my aphids
My prayer now is for faithfulness to meet God where He has placed me
...to trust and doubt no more

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  1. oh, isn't he good, friend? so, so good... praising him with you.