August 24, 2011

Cosmic Giraffe

Let me begin by saying, "I wish my phone took better pictures..."
One day at work, running between inspections and appointments
I stood at town hall waiting for the world's slowest elevator
In my waiting I took time to look at the artwork on the bulletin board
And there I saw it... A GIRAFFE!
(for those of you new to this spot...I love giraffes!! For a full explanation click here )
And not just any giraffe, a giraffe falling through space!
"What?" you may ask, but you heard me correctly
On top of construction paper black covered with stars and moons and planets crayon bright
lay pasted a construction paper, elementary-aged drawn, giraffe....
legs sprawled to either side, falling head first, tail tangling in the cosmic breeze
this second grade art project, hung in town hall, has been on my mind since the first time I saw it...
Giraffes are fearless - strong, in control of their world, gracefully striding over grass and mud
I want to believe that giraffes are strong because they are fearless, not fearless because they are strong
I want to believe that this cosmic giraffe is confident and strong even though it is so far out of it's element
how often have I felt like that giraffe lately....Life is going along normally and then all of a sudden I find myself upside down falling through space, left wondering "What happened?  How in the world did I get here?"
Fearlessness is much easier when control and predictability are mine for the taking...but what about when my world flips upside down and shakes my into space?
I want to be fearless - strong when found suddenly falling through space
not fearless because I know my own strength
but strong because I know that I have nothing to fear
confident in the One's whose hands I find myself in, confident in the grasp of my Savior
...I have a long way to grow before I am that fearless-strong but I am growing and for now that is enough

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  1. Hi Lauri!

    Great to find you from Em's blog. I love that last line..."I am growing and for now that is enough."

    I too long to be bold like a lion. To shake off the fears that hinder me from stepping out in faith. But I too am growing, and I'm so grateful the Lord is patient!

    Blessings to you!

  2. *nodding* I love this word picture and the thoughts drawn from it.

  3. you are too cool. i love your heart, lauri, and the fact that you like giraffes. i painted them for my sister: love to you.

  4. You ARE a giraffe, girl, and encourage those around you to be giraffes as well. Now I have to go check out emily's painting!