November 17, 2011

Christmas Minor Keys and my favorite moment in television

I decorated this week!  I know it's a bit early but life has been kicking my butt and I definitely needed some Christmas in my life.
Glitter and God's promise to live with His people work together so well to give me a new perspective.  
My all-time favorite Christmas television special is Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.  The minor key of "Christmas Time is Here" seems to get at the heart of slightly melancholy longing that I associate with Christmas.  
As much as I long for the joy and peace that Christmas brings, I know that it will only last for a season.  I know that I'll keep longing until the day that Jesus comes back or He brings me home, but it sure is nice to have glimpses of glory caught in fairy lights and mistletoe to look forward to.   

And then there's the fact that Linus preaches the gospel each year on national television for the best moment ever!!!

linking up my Christmas melancholy joy with Emily at Imperfect Prose


  1. yay for christmas! i decorated this week too, girl. i think we're the only house in town that has its christmas lights up already, but oh well! christmas is too short as it is. love to you!!

  2. Have you ever heard my boy play Christmastime is Here?

  3. We've been playing the Charlie Brown Christmas CD already. And glitter is sprinkled all over the house as we make our Christmas joy.