November 9, 2011

Dragons, Manhattans, Snowmageddon, and Alphabetical Christmas Playlists

Let's just say it's been a busy month.  As some of you know I am a Fire Inspector/firefighter, but in October my job title changes to "Fire Prevention Rockstar."  I love fire prevention and public education...teaching people how not to set their house on fire and how to get out safely if something goes wrong is one of the many things that get me jazzed up pretty easily.  October is fire prevention month (because the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire falls in there), which means I get to educate the public even more :) This year, not only did I get to visit students and teach them about fire safety but I found a book to share too! No Dragons for Tea: A fire-safety book for kids and dragons is now my new favorite book and I'm pretty sure I can recite it now from reading it so often.  It's a great intro to fire safety concepts for kids...and it rhymes!  "When the smoke alarm says beep beep beep get out fast and stay out" "stay 3 giant steps away from things that get hot" "stop drop and roll" "don't play with matches" "do a fire drill at home, with 2 ways out of every room" became my daily mantra.  I love my job but 1200 kids in 3 weeks kicked my butt a bit.

To celebrate surviving Fire Prevention Month, I hosted a 1950's cocktail party for my knitting club posse.  Cooking is uber relaxing for me so it was a great way to unwind...
so is drinking a manhattan in a fun party dress and apron!

If only the chillaxing could have lasted....less than 24 hours after my party I was suited up in my firefighting gear responding to back-to-back emergency calls during a freak snow storm on October 29th.  As it's been a pretty mild fall a lot of trees still had leaves on them, this plus the thick slush and ice that fell from the sky did a whole lot of damage...trees and powerlines closing down roads, power out for more than a week in a lot of was a mess.  I spent most of last week getting to practice hospitality alondside my co-workers by answering phones at an emergency operations center and working at a shelter for those who were displaced by the storm.  While the storm and the damage that was done by it was a mess and not something I would ever wish to have again, it was fun to be able to use that gift at my "day job."

Now that power has been restored, roads have been cleared and the citizenry has been educated it's time to focus on upcoming holidays!!! Since Halloween has come and gone, I feel that I am allowed to rock the Christmas tunes (on a low volume for now until Thanksgiving) at work and start lighting pine scented candles (at a constantly attended location of course).  One of my favorite Christmas playlists on my iTunes (yes I have more than one) is a mixed CD that I made for my lovely cousin...i unknowingly recorded it in alphabetical order.  Luckily she shares my love of most things orderly and the alphbetical nature of the CD gave her much joy.  So know I listen to it in alphabetical order.

God has taught me some things since I last wrote:
1. It is not possible to be all things to all people and I need to be more prayerful about commitments I make
2. Burn-out is a real and ever present threat, i must learn to be poured out and not get burned out... as my mother said, "God calls us to be a vessel not a phoenix"
3. The body of Christ is a beautiful thing
4. Glimpses of heaven in toddler laughs, pre-schooler looks of wonder, and friendly hugs are worth more than I ever realize in the moment that they happen.

I'm sorry I have been so absent and that I have been so long-winded in my return.  Thank you for your patience with my journey!

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  1. Let me just say, you are a Rockstar! period. -Mom

  2. i jive with all 4 of your learnings...

    #1 for sure
    #2 uh huh
    #3 sure is
    #4 that is why i work with kids...

  3. That mother of yours sure is wise! I bet she's got a really happening sidekick for madcap adventures! I love the way you practice hospitality through your work in public safety. Mostly I just love you, though.

  4. That cocktail party looks like it was a lot of fun. :) Cute outfit! And that's great that you were able to educate those kiddos--very important. :)


  5. You look adorable, fire girl."God calls us to be a vessel not a phoenix"
    must remember this.

  6. gosh knitting, cooking, fire prevention and lovin on preschoolers? you ARE a rockstar!!!

  7. my dear lauri, how i've missed you. i LOVED this post. i loved seeing into your life. you are so beautiful! thank you for the photos. keep on keeping on, sister. you're doing so much good. xo