January 4, 2012

dementors, starring contests with computers, massive to do lists and all of my other lame excuses

yes, it has been too long since I've posted...over a month in fact
I could blame it on the massive to-do lists I had...what with the holidays and work craziness and going to school for a week
I could blame it on the fact that cold gray weather seems to suck a lot of joy and creativity out of my spirit much like the dementors that tormented Harry Potter
I could also blame it on the fact that the cheeky little cursor blinked a constant nagging taunt every time I thought I had something to share...I couldn't get the thoughts to get out of my head long enough to make hem make sense on the screen and so nights turned into starring contests between me and my computer, usually with a glass of wine as a referee
The truth is, I'm lame and all of these factors plus others kicked my butt and kept me from writing.  I want to do better this year.
I spend so much time wondering if the thoughts rolling around in my head are worth putting words to.  Honestly most of them probably aren't; but I now know that if I don't go through the effort to exercise my word-crafting muscle that when I actually do have an idea worthy the muscle will be so flabby and out of practice that it won't come out right anyways.  Besides, who's to say what's worth the effort and what isn't?  Perhaps some of my random ramblings will spark a thought in someone else's mind and have consequences I could never imagine.
All that being said...'tis the season for resolutions so here I go
This year I resolve to keep up with planning my meals on a weekly basis in order to be a better steward of my food budget and the items I purchase ( i bought a beautiful magnetic chalkboard from ikea for just such a purpose).  Last year I kept up with this until late February, I'm hoping this year to make it past my birthday in March and maybe even into the summer :)
This year I resolve to ask my self "What can I create?" instead of "What can I consume?"  I want to live out the image of my Creator in this way.  I also resolve to be more intentional in how I spend my money, more local and small business shopping and more fair trade and organic items.
This year I resolve to be more intentional in my garden planning and harvest preserving.
This year I resolve to choose to focus on gratitude when the lonelys and the discontents settle in.
This year I resolve to my more faithful in how I pray for others.
This year I resolve to write more often, even if it's silly or just a nifty idea that I've found.

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  1. My writing muscle has gotten quite flabby after only two weeks away from the keyboard. The important thing is to begin again and extend yourself grace in the re-entry. I've been reading this ebook (which can also be downloaded as a pdf) and I keep thinking, "I bet Lauri would like this." I heard Tsh Oxenreider speak at Relevant, and a number of the things she talks about in this book are on your resolution list. For what it's worth: http://52bites.com/

    I bet you would also like her blog at Simple Mom. Happy New Year!